About Us

We know you have many choices when shopping online.
At My Bike Shop, our goal is to offer an incredible shopping experience for you supported by our family of cyclists.

ride hard / fast / often

With roots starting out of the garage of a triathlete in 2012 to having a full warehouse operation - My Bike Shop has grown rapidly based on a not-so-secret recipe: we hire really, really smart people who are also really, really nice. Most of ‘em also happen to love the sport of cycling too. We’ve amassed some of the brightest minds who know cycling, and more than that…they know cyclists. What binds us together in the MBS family is not two wheels, but what you can do on two wheels.

we have
a secret recipe

AT MBS, our family eats, breathes and sleeps all things bikes, wheels and gear. Whether hammering out long miles for triathlon, road racing or working on your first century ride, tackling gravel or a mountainside, or touring across the country, we are here to help in every way. Our team of nerdy cyclists stays current on the latest trends and technologies and and we can often speak first hand on pretty much everything since we are out riding just like you.

Interested in joining the MBS family?

    We were built from the success of a company that is rooted in trust and integrity above all else, and we live and operate under that DNA.

MBS Office

Our Location

We are located at 5965 Exchange Drive in Sykesville, MD
(about an hour North of D.C. and 40 minutes west of Baltimore)

The Team Behind The Scenes

  • Brian Richards

    Cofounder VP of Sales

    Brian Richards

    Brian is a 2-time Ironman finisher, father of two incredible mini triathletes, and proud to be chalk full of useful and useless bike knowledge! He's a former middle school English teacher of 12 years, who chose to jump off a cliff and start the bike revolution that is My Bike Shop!

  • Logan Moreau


    Logan Moreau

    Logan is the lead mechanic and runs the operations at My Bike Shop. He has been servicing both new and old bicycles for over 7 years. After receiving his B.S. in Exercise Science from Salisbury University on the eastern shore of Maryland, he has continued to follow his passion for bicycles and the people in the cycling industry. When not wrenching on or shipping bicycles, you can find Logan obsessing over his dog or riding his Burley tandem with his girlfriend down a rail trail.

  • KC Hill

    Operations Manager

    KC Hill

    K.C. comes to us with great experience working on bikes and wheels. With a degree in physics and engineering, he was once on the NASA course, but instead chose to follow his love of bikes...and we're glad he did! K.C. enjoys vacations with family, riding (mountain is his preferred style), playing baseball, and volleyball, and working on bikes (of course).

  • Dan Desilets

    Sales Associate

    Dan Desilets

  • Mohammad Saad

    Sales Associate

    Mohammad Saad

  • Rene Mar Victoria

    Sales Associate

    Rene Mar Victoria

  • Wiebke Hannigan

    Sales Associate

    Wiebke Hannigan

  • Josh Beaty

    Customer Support

    Josh Beaty

  • Stanley Mburu

    Data Entry Specialist

    Stanley Mburu

  • Dom DeMatteo

    Brand Ambassador

    Dom DeMatteo

  • Amy LaVita

    Customer Support

    Amy LaVita

  • Bijan Izadi

    Warehouse Associate

    Bijan Izadi

  • Dallas Knocke

    Lead Bicycle Mechanic

    Dallas Knocke

  • Leslie King


    Leslie King

  • Michael Chapman

    Bicycle Mechanic

    Michael Chapman

  • Will Heschl

    Bicycle Mechanic

    Will Heschl

  • Ryan Cozzolino

    Bicycle Mechanic

    Ryan Cozzolino

  • Patrick Holsonbake

    Bicycle Mechanic

    Patrick Holsonbake

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