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Bill of Rights

We want you to have the best experience the web can offer.
That's why we crafted MBS Customers Bill of Rights.



You can shop anywhere but you’re thinking of choosing us. Although we do have a pretty unique assortment of goods (including new and pre-owned), you have many choices. That’s why My Bike Shop created a Customer Bill of Rights to empower you and assure you that MBS is the place to make your purchase.


Let’s get right down to those rights:

The Right to Be Heard

You have a right to be heard is our email, and if you don’t get a response within 10 hours, email MBS President Todd Smith at and your voice will be heard, right at the top by both the president and the cofounder of MBS.

The Right to Trust Free Shipping

When we say free shipping, we mean it. No lame “oversize” charges like others sites. If you see free shipping by amount or item, or anything, it means you get free shipping.

The Right to Return

You have 30 days to return any item to us (in addition to any warranty offered by manufacturers on our new items). Even new items that you lightly used and are returning in like new condition give you up to 30 days. We’ll even credit your account for return shipping (so, if you pay $80 for return shipping, you get an $80 credit to use on anything in our store). If you’re wondering if this is the industry’s best policy, it totally is. We trust the cycling community. It’s full of great and honest folks. If this policy ends up getting abused, we may have to change it but so far, so good. If you’re buying in April 2018, you are covered by the policy listed above.

The Right to Pay the Best Price

We offer a 30 day price match guarantee. Buy with confidence and know that if we lower the price, you get a credit for the difference. If you find the same item for a lower price, you get a refund for the difference (must be in-stock at a United States-based retailer).

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