• CORIMA Front 3 SPOKE WS TT Carbon Wheel Clincher
  • CORIMA Front 3 SPOKE WS TT Carbon Wheel Clincher
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CORIMA Front 3 SPOKE WS TT Carbon Wheel Clincher


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CORIMA was founded 45 years ago, but 2018 marks Corima’s 30th Anniversary in carbon wheel production. Our goal is to offer you the very best wheels on the market. We manufacture wheels for road, track, time-trial, fixie, athletic wheelchairs, handbikes and tennis wheelchair uses. With all that, look for continued surprises in the years to come !

So, if you love to ride……. RIDE THE BEST WHEELS!

CORIMA wheels are designed and manufactured in France

For 30 years, CORIMA has been a world leader in the design and manufacturing of high performance composite parts. In 1998, CORIMA applied its technical skills towards the manufacturing of bicycle and handcycle wheels along with bike frames. CORIMA's experience is unique and our company has earned a reputation for constant innovation and leading edge design. Our drive to innovate and incorporate new materials and processes pays dividends across our range of cycling products.

The world of cycling commerce is a very competitive market. Quality and innovation are the heart of CORIMA products, cementing our worldwide reputation as an innovative, high quality brand. At CORIMA we control all of facets of the composite manufacturing process to ensure every CORIMA product carries forward our high standards of quality and design. Our team in Loriol sur Drôme (26) France is here to ensure after sales service and support is as high in quality as the products we design, manufacture, and build. We invite you to watch this video which illustrates the people, process, and pride that goes into every CORIMA product.

CORIMA is hand made; from the preparation of the sub-components, through lay-up and moulding process, and ultimately lacing and tension of a CORIMA wheelset…..we never stop putting our best into everything that bears our name.

The lacing of CORIMA carbon wheels

All our wheels are hand-built.

Our front spoked wheels (except MCC S+ and MCC WS+) are hand built using the CORIMA R2 system. The spokes are set in pairs on the wheel.
Our rear spoked wheels (except MCC S+ and MCC WS+) are hand built using 20 spokes. The drive side is built with 12 spokes in a 3 cross pattern, a setting that has proven over the years to provide the best transmission of power under drive. The left or non-drive side is built with 8 spokes in a radial pattern.
This arrangement allows for a more uniform tension across all of the spokes, providing a faster and stiffer wheel. This lacing system also improves the wheel's ability to remain "true" while increasing durability of spokes and nipples.

Recommended maximum spoke tension for each wheel is indicated in our owner's manual.

Aerodynamics of CORIMA carbon wheels

At CORIMA, we place a great deal of importance on the aerodynamic performance of our wheels. Over 30 years ago, we developed a high-performance composite DISC wheel. In 1993, Chris BOARDMAN used our equipment, frame and wheels to achieve one of the most symbolic cycling records in technological terms.

Since then, we have pushed ourselves to constantly innovate. This has allowed the CORIMA range of wheels to maintain its position as one of the most aerodynamically sophisticated and proven wheelsets in the world, a trait vital to nearly any cyclist’s performance.

Our experts employ computer simulations to tune our designs, ultimately to reduce drag. This research involves optimizing surfaces of the wheel and tire interface to lower drag or the wheel’s friction in air. We design our wheels to require lower power as you generate speed.

Over the years, we have designed and tested countless prototypes, cross-referencing test results to create the next product evolution or improvement. When a wheel is validated in the wind tunnel, we know the hours of design, testing, class leading materials, and craftsman driven production have culminated into the most sophisticated bicycle wheels in the market.

Carbon and aluminum hubs

CORIMA has been designing its own hubs for more than 25 years.

The hub is a critical element of any wheel and it must be designed to the needs of the wheel’s rim to truly optimize performance and durability.

Developed at CORIMA, our aluminum hubs are manufactured in France using the best materials, modern machining equipment, and the most precise manufacturing standards available. All CORIMA hubs are built with premium annular bearings.



  • 28" clincher front
  • Profile : 58MM
  • Rim width : 26mm
  • Axle : Quick release 100mm
  • Model : HM
  • Weight : 1005 g
  • Carbon weave : Satin mat 3K
  • Integrated magnet


Shipped with

  • Pair of brake pads
  • Rim tape
  • Protection wheelbag
  • Valve extender
  • Quick release skewer








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