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  • ENVE AG28 Foundation 650b Wheelset - ENVE AF
  • ENVE AG28 Foundation 650b Wheelset - ENVE AF
  • ENVE AG28 Foundation 650b Wheelset - ENVE AF
  • ENVE AG28 Foundation 650b Wheelset - ENVE AF
  • ENVE AG28 Foundation 650b Wheelset - ENVE AF
  • ENVE AG28 Foundation 650b Wheelset - ENVE AF
  • ENVE AG28 Foundation 650b Wheelset - ENVE AF
  • ENVE AG28 Foundation 650b Wheelset - ENVE AF
  • ENVE AG28 Foundation 650b Wheelset - ENVE AF
  • ENVE AG28 Foundation 650b Wheelset - ENVE AF
  • ENVE AG28 Foundation 650b Wheelset - ENVE AF
  • ENVE AG28 Foundation 650b Wheelset - ENVE AF
  • ENVE AG28 Foundation 650b Wheelset - ENVE AF
  • ENVE AG28 Foundation 650b Wheelset - ENVE AF
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ENVE AG28 Foundation 650b Wheelset - ENVE AF


MSRP: $1,750.00



The AG28 combines a small diameter rim with high-volume tires — the perfect platform for good times.

  • Intended Use: Gravel, Bikepacking
  • Inner Rim Width: 28mm
  • Recommended Tire Size: 45-57mm (2.25″)
  • Tubeless Optimized; Tube Compatible


Preparation is key to a successful adventure into uncharted territories. Our experiences developing and riding the flagship G Series and M Series have created a quiver a performance enhancing features that have been incorporated into the AG28. The AG28 is designed to be your uncompromising companion when you unwittingly bite off more than you can chew.


Wide hookless bead flat protection

The cringe-inducing impact between rock and rim is something we’ve all experienced when the desire to shred trail overwhelms our better judgement. Unless you’re running too much tire pressure, that impact will typically result in a pinch flatted tire.

The AG25 and AG28 feature our patent pending wide hookless bead technology which has proven to shrug off pinch flats to the tune of a 60% improvement over a traditionally more narrow hookless bead.

Gravel ride tune

By using on board data acquisition equipment and aligning it with subjective test ride feedback, our laminate design team have refined the AG25 & AG28 to deliver a ride quality that is both responsive and compliant, supportive yet forgiving.

  • Shallow rim depth of 21mm allows improves vertical compliance and vibration damping
  • Rim cross-section and laminate optimized for responsive power transmission and cornering stability

Built to shrug off your bad ideas

So, you’ve decided to descend that mountain bike trail on your gravel rig. Or maybe you didn’t have a choice, it was the only way to get from point A to point B. No worries, we encourage it. Which is why we’ve designed and tested the Foundation AG wheels using our proven M Series impact testing protocol. The result is a wheel that inspires confidence when you need it the most, even when you aren’t looking for it

External molded nipples

Reliability first, servicability also first

By employing ENVE’s patented molded spoke hole technology and configuring it for external nipples, you can rest assured that you’re riding a wheel that’s been built for reliability and serviceability when you need it most.

Enve foundation road hub

Utilizing ENVE’s core hub technologies the Foundation Road Hub delivers a high performance, maintenance-free ride experience.

  • Flange spacing and hub shell geometry designed to maximize performance metrics such as wheel and drive stiffness
  • D360 40t drive mechanism delivers efficient and responsive power transmission
  • Maintenance free premium full contact sealed NTN steel bearings
  • Perfect Preload ™

USA made; protected for life 

It’s no secret that we at ENVE are proud of our U.S. based manufacturing capabilities. Like all our rims, the Foundation Collection and its AG25 are handmade and assembled in our Ogden, Utah based, state-of-the-art carbon wheel manufacturing facility. The AG25 is covered under ENVE’s Lifetime Incident Protection program and 5 Year Factory Warranty.


Do you find yourself seeking out remote places where you may lose yourself for a while? Do you encounter terrain on your way there that you should probably reserve for your mountain bike? The AG28 is the wide tire, 650b adventure companion to get you there and back again.

What is Included


  • Tubeless Kit (includes the following)
    • 2x valve stems
    • 1x roll of tape (good for taping 3 wheels)
    • 2x Valve Stem Nuts
  • Wheel Manual
  • Wheelbuild Card
  • Rotor lock rings are not included and should be sourced through the component manufacturer.


Hub Offerings ENVE Alloy, Industry Nine Hydra
Spacing Front: 12×100 | Rear: 12×142
Wheelsize 650B
Pricing ENVE Alloy: $1,750
Industry Nine Hydra: $1,750


Diameter 650b 650b
Depth 21mm 21mm
Internal Width 28mm 28mm
External Width 36.5mm 36.5mm
Hole Count 24 24
Effective Rim Diameter 564 564
Minimum Recommended Tire Size 45mm 45mm
Recommended Tire Sizes 47mm – 57mm (2.25″) 47mm – 57mm (2.25″)
Rim Weight 372g 372g 744g
ENVE Foundation Disc CL 676g 804g 1480g
ENVE i9 1-1 CL 692g 836g 1528g




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