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  • ENVE M525 Wheel set - 29in - I9 Hydra CL
  • ENVE M525 Wheel set - 29in - I9 Hydra CL
  • ENVE M525 Wheel set - 29in - I9 Hydra CL
  • ENVE M525 Wheel set - 29in - I9 Hydra CL
  • ENVE M525 Wheel set - 29in - I9 Hydra CL
  • ENVE M525 Wheel set - 29in - I9 Hydra CL
  • ENVE M525 Wheel set - 29in - I9 Hydra CL
  • ENVE M525 Wheel set - 29in - I9 Hydra CL
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ENVE M525 Wheel set - 29in - I9 Hydra CL


MSRP: $2,550.00



A purpose built XC wheelset without limitations. Light enough to race, strong enough to ride daily. Reduced fatigue and a more compliant ride through shape, laminate, and spoke-hole optimization.


Modern XC racers and riders who demand equal uphill to downhill performance, lightweight, durability, and vertical compliance for long hours in the saddle.


Carbon fiber is responsible for unlocking the potential of bigger and wider on mountain bikes. Today, riders can improve comfort, efficiency, and control by adapting their mountain bikes perfectly for the terrain and trails. Undoubtedly, this means they can go further and faster with more confidence. Compliment increased tire volume and rim width with a modern XC tread, and you’ve got an effective system, maximized for the up and down trail. The result is a purpose built full carbon fiber XC wheelset that is lighter, wider, and more vertically compliant without sacrificing strength or reliability. Additionally, the M525 features ENVE’s patent pending wide hookless beads that improve pinch flat resistance and allow riders to run modern light weight XC tires with a reduced risk of pinch flatting or impact damage.


  • Tubeless Kit
  • Accessory Bag
  • Wheel Manual
  • Wheelbuild Card


Approved/Recommended Road Tires

  • Mavic Yksion Elite UST >28mm
  • Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless Easy 28mm
  • Schwalbe G One Speed Tubeless Easy 30mm
  • Maxxis Padrone Tubeless Ready 28mm
  • Hutchinson Sector Tubeless 28 or 32mm
  • Hutchinson Intensive 2 Tubeless 28mm

Incompatible/Not Recommended Tires

  • Specialized Tubeless Road Tires
  • Any Tube-Type/Non-Tubeless Tires


Rim Depth 25mm 25mm
External Width 33.5mm 33.5mm
Internal Width 25mm 25mm
Hole Count 24 24
Effective Rim Diameter 27.5" 569mm
29" 608mm
27.5" 569mm
29" 608mm
Recommended Tire Size 2.1 in - 2.4 in 2.1 in - 2.4 in


Rim Weight 359g 359g 717g
i9 Hydra CL 627g 760g 1388g
Chris King ISO 6B 666g 836g 1501g
i9 101 CL 673g 817g 1490g


Chris King ISO 6B Boost - 27.5" 2X 272mm/274mm 274mm/272mm
Chris King ISO 6B Boost - 29" 2X 290mm/292mm 292mm/290mm
Chris King R45 CL - 27.5" 2X 272mm/272mm 272mm/272mm
Chris King R45 CL - 29" 2X 292mm/290mm 290mm/292mm
DT240 CL Boost - 27.5" 2X 274mm / 276mm 276mm / 274mm
DT240 CL non-Boost - 27.5" 2X 274mm / 276mm 274mm / 272mm
DT240 CL Boost - 29" 2X 294mm / 296mm 294mm / 292mm
DT240 CL non-Boost - 29" 2X 292mm / 294mm 294mm / 292mm
DT240 6B QR (non-conv)/Lefty - 29" 2X 290mm / 294mm -
i9 Hydra CL Boost - 27.5" 2X 274mm / 278mm 276mm / 272mm
i9 Hydra CL Boost - 29" 2X 294mm / 296mm 294mm / 290mm
i9 101 CL Boost - 27.5" 2X 276mm / 278mm 276mm / 272mm
i9 101 CL Boost - 29" 2X 294mm / 296mm 296mm / 290mm
*This wheelset is built with Sapim CX Ray spokes, except 101 builds, which use Sapim Force spokes. Those built before May 2018 may use a DT Swiss spoke equivalent. DT Swiss spoke heads are stamped "DT".


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